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Download Clean Speed Booster Apk Latest Version - Doctor Clean - Speed Booster APK ( latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo and all various other Android phones, tablet computers, and devices. Phone Clean Speed Booster for Android is a FREE app that can assist clean repetitive applications and files, clear residual junk, free up storage area & tidy up your RAM. Furthermore, you could accelerate phone and let its battery life lasting much longer. Clean phone and bid farewell to mess and delays on your phone! Phone Clean Speed Booster will take a couple of secs and your phone will certainly run much faster!

Clean Speed Booster Apk

Clean Speed Booster Review

The smart device is a truly impressive item of innovation that has actually really transformed our lives. Today, our cell phone has a lot of various apps, several of our most beneficial files, contact information and a great deal of various other different points. Currently, storing all that on our phone actually makes our lives easier yet at the same time, it does produce an issue. A lot of apps generate a lot of junk documents which reduces the phone. Install Doctor Clean-- Speed Booster for Android to clean your junk documents, make the phone much faster.

Increase Your Phone's Performance with Doctor Clean-Speed Booster

Doctor Clean-- Speed Booster Android app resembles a real doctor for your phone. It spots the issues that slow down your phone, get rid of those concerns and recovers the 'health and wellness' of your phone. Individuals behind Doctor Clean-- Speed Booster case that it improves the speed of the phone by around 50% and saves the battery by 20%. We have no idea regarding the specific numbers yet after making use of the app for a couple of days, we can claim that case is not unlikely whatsoever.

Doctor Clean Speed Booster for Android cleanses the residual data and liberates the cache of your phone fairly successfully. This would certainly assist you the boost the speed of your phone. In an Android phone, a lot of applications run in the background. This reduces the phone as well as drains pipes the battery. Doctor Clean app closes down all those applications running in the history, thus conserving the battery. The app also has a 'CPU Colder' Feature, which shuts the applications that battery draining apps when you are not using them. An additional interesting attribute of the app is that it permits you to clean the scrap documents without needing to root the phone.

What You Would certainly Like Regarding the App
  • The app includes a host of attributes that enables you to boost the speed of your phone and save battery life.
  • The app is really tiny in size-- just 5 MB.
  • With simply one tap, the app allows you to clean unused apps behind-the-scenes.
Download Clean Speed Booster Apk Latest Version


Doctor Clean-- Speed Booster for Android is an excellent app if you wish to improve the speed of your phone. If you have constantly stressed over the sluggish speed or the rapid draining battery of your phone, then this app would fix every one of that. So, get the Doctor Clean app and obtain more out your mobile phone.

Download Clean Speed Booster Apk Latest Version

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Name: Doctor Clean – Speed Booster
Package: com.superopt.cleaner
Version: 1.1.7
Size: 5.82 MB